Assignment three – Write up

The title I have given Assignment three is “focus”. What is the focus of the assignment, who is focusing on what are they focusing and what focuses an individual’s focus.

The images are untitled as I feel the inclusion of the word focus in each image needs no further captioning.

Unusually I have chosen to portray these images as a selection of square images, as I feel that this format adds a little tension to each of the images. They do not confirm to our usual perception of an image being in the horizontal format. It makes you search the frame.

Black and white was chosen rather than colour, as this was simply my preference, I feel that given the subject, settings and my story, this is where I wanted to go.

My diary will not be submitted for this part of the course and I shall explain my reasons behind this.  I am a PTSD sufferer and have been receiving therapy for this, part of my treatment was to keep a diary, relating to my trauma and this was crossing over into my degree work. I have kept a diary, kept it private and will not be sharing in this format as I do not feel it is appropriate.

I have not really enjoyed or overly engaged with this assignment probably down to my health, the subject (which is not particularly appealing to me), changing tutor at my request and striving to maintain my own business.

In saying that I have throughly switched on to the assignment and have given this my best shot.

My series images is entitled “focus”, even though many of them are not fully focussed due to the use of slow shutter speeds, with the aim of creating a dream like feel and adding some motion blur.

The series simply tells the story of a morning run, some preparation from waking up and the outset of the run. I have added the word “focus” to each image, as this point should be my focal point i.e. the time, toilet,  coffee cup etc. This is not necessarily what I focused the lens upon. The addition of “focus” to each image gives the image an unusual twist and focuses the eye of the viewer making them think what the word is doing there. They work as a series and can also work on a individual basis.

The nine images I have arrived at, from my contact sheets are the ones which I feel tell the story as a whole and lend them selves to the insertion of the word focus.

I have learned that elf portraiture is an important part of the photographic world, but one that is not my favourite genre, but one which is usual for getting across your message in a very personal way.

Having swapped tutors during this part course, I would be extremely grateful for feedback on my blog and any other hints and tips that you can supply.




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