Part two reflection

What could have gone better.

Due to being in the process of setting up my own business I have been unable to do the as much self-research as I would have liked. I have therefore limited this and will strive do more next time. However, following my tutor’s feedback my research should concentrate on quality and not quantity. I need to focus on maybe one photographer per week and no more. I should then be able to critique their work rather adopting the broad-brush approach that I did on my previous unit.

What went well.

I am particularity happy with assignment two and the preparation that this assignment required. I feel my images raise questions, rather than answers and anyone to whom I have shown them have been intrigued to say the least. The images invoke a variety of feelings in me and most viewers and their location, i.e. Auschwitz, meant they were not easy to shoot.

I will draw on this experience in my work and I have plans to link this work back into to future assignments.

My blog appears to be working and I have tried to act upon the feedback from my last tutorial, although I am not convinced it is as well laid out as before. I am looking forward to further feedback from Helen.


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