Own notes from tutorial

I have compiled a list of the main points from my tutorial. I am going to make amends going forwards and will not retrospectively change my blog. I want to do it this way as I want to demonstrate and evidence my learning.

  • assignment due 12th May
  • tutorial planned for 24th May at 2030
  • images were received in a well wrapped package and printed to a good standard
  • my images were meant to be viewed as pairs – send them in that order i.e. the order they are to be seen
  • experiment with printing. May be a pair side by side on a panorama (OK to fold but explain to you why they are folded)
  • label my prints on the reverse
  • my prints were consistent which is good, maintain consistency of prints
  • project 3 on my blog was too lengthy. Highlight one/two images and then reduce size as assessors will not have time to scroll down a series of large images
  • try and remove “OLDER POST” tick box from blog if possible (not yet found a solution)
  • on my blog under my assignment heading use “sub titles e.g. assignment planning, submission, research, reflection and rework
  • my learning log duplicates much information. Where practicable eliminate the need for duplication
  • when doing independent research, do not go for quality over quality. Look at more select artists and make comment and written reflection where possible.
  • differentiate between own extended research and course research
  • prioritise what artists I study
  • marry up prints with captions e.g. my industrial set all have the same caption
  • show editing choice e.g. spread of 6×4 images on a table. snapshot this and include in blog
  • show my assessment work for EYV as a post prior to submitting next assignment
  • use OCA forums
  • my prints were acceptable submission

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