The use of Captions


“Lionel Messi: Net worth: €200 Million ($218 million).”

Image and text taken from Wonderlist (Not known) Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World, Available at: (Accessed: 11/04/2017).


You are so beautiful


Where are your ears?


I demand an answer



Messi gets to keep the match ball after another hat-trick



Why should he be in my picture, I am the best?

The original caption states how much Messi is worth and with the image gives the context to one of the riches footballers.

I have added my own captions, playing on the (false?) assumption that footballers are not the most intellectually challenging people on the planet. Each caption changes the context of the original image. Some offer ambiguity, others offer humour and challenge the original context of the image.

Captions therefore have to be used very carefully in order to work well with an image and add value. A well worded caption can bring added benefit to the image. They can change the meaning of the original image and may potentially detract from what you are wanting to portray/say. They can also offend, as in my captions.

Anchor and Relay both have their place, but the setting, and use of the photograph has to be considered, along with the image’s genre.


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