Country Doctor compared to The Dad Project

Country Doctor by W. Eugine Smith


  • Black and white
  • Followed one person interacting with people he cared for.
  • Actions were photographed
  • Expression and feeling were captured directly
  • Not much left to the imagination
  • Central character of Dr Ceriani featured in most shots
  • Documentary/reportage style
  • What was in the frame was the story
  • Easy to read
  • Excellent way of reporting what a country doctor in the 1940s did
  • Informative for the public
  • Had acceptance of the photographer
  • Did not have a beginning, middle or end
  • Not chronological
  • Shot over a definite period of time.
  • Informative at the time it was shot
  • Not abstract
  • Dramatic
  • Not beautiful, but factual
  • Each image has context due to the angle it has been shot from i.e. you can see the surgery or the car where an impromptu needle was required.
  • Each image can be a story in its own right
  • Not what I understand as postmodern
  • Cropped
  • Captioned, but factually
  • Educational

The Dad Project by Briony Campbellcampbell.jpeg

Image taken from Campbell, B (Not known) The Dad Project, Available at: (Accessed: 11/04/2017).

  • Colour
  • Includes self portraits
  • Follows one person through to end of life. Has a conclusion of sorts.
  • Feelings were portrayed rather than actions
  • Images such as the empty milk bottle used to portray thought, feeling and emotion, rather than this being shown by a face.
  • The images work very well together and add to the narrative, where as on their own some do not have clear meaning
  • Captioned in a way that portrays the artists feelings
  • Postmodern
  • Not so easily read. You need to think more outside of the frame in reading them and referring back to other images
  • Beautiful, poignant, meaningful and delicate.
  • Had a starting and an end point
  • Is the artist using the camera as a tool to deflect, or collect her grief. Is it a proxy for holding her dad’s brief case that she used when dressing up as her father, when she was a child
  • The series took amazing strength, character and courage to shoot
  • Was abstract at times
  • Inspiring
  • Insightful
  • Personal
  • Not all the images will fall into one genre as in the image above

Chronologically Briny Campbell’s story does has an and, due to the sad death of her dad. However there is no end to how we all react to death, as this is one certainty in life, and the learning process in how we grieve will also carry one. It may be that she sees death as not end, but another part of the human journey and she may believe that she will be reunited with her dad. I also feel that she means her story making, was inspired by this brave project and that she will continue to reach and make inspiring stories. This is evidenced by her other projects on her website such as “Love in Translation”.


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