Part two Narrative Project 1 Telling a story – research

Post modernism

  • Not all technological progress is beneficial
  • Not just men can be artists, introduced greater diversity
  • The viewer became more important, even in some examples being used as part of the art
  • Removing barriers between “high art” and “low art”
  • Started possibly after 1950s
  • Breaks down genres
  • Challenging beliefs and structures in Western cultures
  • There is no single style/genre that can define postmodernism
  • Born through scepticism and suspicion of thereupon behind art
  • Introduced complex layers of meaning
  • Introduced contradictions into art
  • Can even combine different styles
  • Challenges convention
  • Personal styles and voices were developed, rather than sticking with tradition
  • Has no boundaries
  • Can be offensive
  • Staged images
  • Creates a version of reality but not capturing reality


Examples of postmodern photographers and some of their work; –

Ken Josephson


Image taken from MoMA (2017) Ken Josephson, Available at: (Accessed: 10/04/2017).

Garry Winogrand


Image taken from MoMA (2017) Garry Winogrand, Available at: (Accessed: 10/04/2017).

Lee Friedlanderfriedlander.jpeg

Image taken from American Suburb (2015) Lee Friedlander The American Monument, Available at: (Accessed: 10/04/2017).

Cindy Sherman


Image taken from MoMA (2017) Cindy Sherman, Available at: (Accessed: 10/04/2017).

Richard Prince


Image taken from THE MET (2017) Untitled (cowboy), Available at: (Accessed: 10/04/2017).

Jeff Wall


Image taken from Tate (Not known) A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai), Available at: (Accessed: 10/04/2017).


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