Reportage research

Contemporary street photographers used for research purposes


Helen Levitt



  • worked in poor neighbourhoods
  • photographed mainly children
  • “Since I’m inarticulate, I express myself with images.”

Images and quote taken from (2014) Helen Levitt / Biography & Images – Atget, Available at: (Accessed: 27/03/2017).

Joel Meyerowitz

  • “He is a “street photographer” in the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, although he now works exclusively in color. As an early advocate of color photography (mid-60’s), Meyerowitz was instrumental in changing the attitude toward the use of color photography from one of resistance to nearly universal acceptance. His first book, Cape Light, is considered a classic work of color photography and has sold more than 150,000 copies during its 30-year life.” Quote taken from Meyerowitz, J (2015) JOEL MEYEROWITZ, Available at: (Accessed: 27/03/2017).

  • “Meyerowitz  was the only photographer to be given unimpeded access to Ground Zero in the wake of 9/11. The images he captured have formed the foundation of a major national archive, and an exhibition of selected images has travelled to more than 200 cities in 60 countries.” Quote and 2 images below taken from Howard Greenberg Gallery (2017) Joel Meyerowitz – Artists, Available at: (Accessed: 27/03/2017).M2Meyerowitz

  • “He soon discovered that he enjoyed the thrill of shooting in color, with the relatively slow ISO 25 film at the time. It forced him to be slower and more meditative with his work– making him also take a step back and trying to combine more elements and action into his frames.” Quote fromKim, E (2017) 12 Lessons Joel Meyerowitz Has Taught Me About Street Photography, Available at: (Accessed: 27/03/2017).


Paul Graham


Image taken from Graham, P (2014) Paul Graham Photography Archive, Available at: (Accessed: 27/03/2017).

  • He was mainly a colour photographer and most of his work consisted of work in the UK and Northern Ireland, with some interesting work on and around the troubles.

Joel Sternfield

  • “Joel Sternfeld is well known for large-format color photographs that extend the tradition of chronicling roadside America initiated by Walker Evans in the 1930s. Sternfeld’s projects have consistently explored the possibility of a collective American identity by documenting ordinary people and places throughout the country. Each project he embarks on is bound by a concept that imbues it with subtle irony, often through insightful visual juxtapositions or by pairing images with informational text. Another characteristic aspect of Sternfeld’s work is that color is never arbitrary; it functions in highly sophisticated ways to connect elements and resonate emotion.” Quote and image taken from J. Paul Getty Trust (Not known) Joel Sternfeld – Artists – Luring Augustine, Available at: (Accessed: 27/03/2017).






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