Reflection on Projects 1 and 2

Context – definition (Outside the frame)

The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood. ‘the proposals need to be considered in the context of new European directives’

Definition taken from . accessed 21/09/2017

Narrative – definition (Within the frame)

A spoken or written account of connected events; a story. ‘a gripping narrative’

The practice or art of telling stories. ‘traditions of oral narrative’

A representation of a particular situation or process in such a way as to reflect or conform to an overarching set of aims or values. ‘the coalition’s carefully constructed narrative about its sensitivity to recession victims’

Definition taken from . accessed 21/09/2017

Citizen Journalism and Photojournalism will have both Context and Narrative for images to work, either a series or as a stand alone image.

The representation (Narrative) of the image(s) will take a variety of forms. Certain forms will be in vogue, whilst others will have fallen out of fashion i.e. atrocity versus last war photography. Neither representation will be wrong, but some will be current and some will not. It is also possible to buck this trend and do something different as long as you justify why. There have been may an expert who will offer view and opinions, such as Sontag and Rosler, but no one expert will be 100% accurate. The narrative will depend on the context, including the audience and what such audiences have seen and will understand. It will also depend on the context in which you would like the narrative to be displayed. Some exponents of the art will have one way of photographing and will never change. Are they wrong to remain constant if their work is successful or could they have been more successful with a change of what is displayed within the frame.

Trends need to be understood and embraced, but they are not the definitive. The definitive way on conveying the narrative needs to be left to the artist. If this is dictated to be other experts in the field are we not falling into the realms of censorship.

Reflecting upon this has cemented my view, that there is not one answer to the C and N debate, and that each photographer’s style can have both positive and negative elements to it. What I want to discover is how to combine the best of the best and to use this to my advantage.

Key to understanding this is to look further into the work of a multitude of artists and expand my horizons further. I will do this as I progress and evidence of this will be in my progression and my reference lists, which will be comprehensive and demonstrate my thirst for knowledge.


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